Fetterolf DE , Snyder RJ


 Amniotic membrane has been employed in the treatment of wounds for almost 100 years, beginning with early application of natural amniotic membrane obtained from labor and delivery to various types of burns and wounds. 

Charles M Zelen, Thomas E Serena, Lisa Gould, Lam Le, Marissa J Carter, Jennifer Keller & William W Li


Advanced therapies such as bioengineered skin substitutes (BSS) and dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane (dHACM) have been shown to promote healing of chronic diabetic ulcers. An interim analysis of data from 60 patients enrolled in a prospective, randomised, controlled, parallel group, multi-centre clinical trial showed that dHACM (EpiFix®, MiMedx Group Inc., Marietta, GA) is superior to standard wound care (SWC) and BSS (Apligraf®, Organogenesis, Inc., Canton, MA) in achieving complete wound closure within 4–6 weeks. 

Neil H Riordan, Ben A George , Troy B Chandler and Randall W McKenna


 Non-healing wounds can pose a medical challenge as in the case of vasculopathic venostasis resulting in a surgical ulcer. When traditional approaches to wound care fail, an amniotic patch (a dehydrated tissue allograft derived from human amnion) can function as a biologic scaffold to facilitate and enhance tissue regeneration and rehabilitation. 


Michelle Massee, Kathryn Chinn, Jennifer Lei, Jeremy J. Lim, Conan S. Young, Thomas J. Koob


 Human-derived placental tissues have been shown in randomized clinical trials to be effective for healing chronic wounds, and have also demonstrated the ability to recruit stem cells to the wound site in vitro and in vivo. 

Niknejad H, Yazdanpanah G, Ahmadiani A


Amniotic membrane (AM), the nearest layer of fetal membranes to the fetus, contains two types of cells with unique characteristics that make them excellent candidates for clinical applications. 

 Nooria, M. Kokabia, Z. M. Hassanb


Polymeric hydrogels are a new class of biomaterials that have recently attracted a lot of attention for application in medical and pharmaceutical areas. They possess the most of desirable characteristics of an ideal dressing, but they have low mechanical strength to be used in under-tension positions of the body. 

 Hamid Mahdavi , Hamid Mirzadeh, Mohammad Jalal Zohuriaan-Mehr, Fateme Talebnezhad


The present attempt is intended to prepare nano-composites of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) blended chitosan and nano-clay montmorillonite (MMT) particles. PVA/chitosan films containing nano-clays particles were prepared by coating method and their physical and mechanical properties were studied by tensile tests, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). 

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